WTFSkins Affiliate Code

WTFSkins is one of the leading CSGO skin and case opening sites that you will find. Alongside this, it is fair to say that they have an incredible name, one that certainly catches the eye and one you won’t forget in a long time.

WTFSkins has a very simple way of working, perfect for both experienced CSGO skin and case opening players as well as those trying this out for the very first time. What you do is you upgrade your own items with higher value items by rolling cubes.

WTFSkins Basic Guide

The first thing you need to do when you have signed up to WTFSkins is to add your own personal Steam account to your account. This will sync the items that you already have so that these are available to play with on the WTFSkins site.

To play, enter your items that you wish to upgrade into the cube. Then select the multiplier of the roll. If you win, you will receive upgraded items from the cube, if you lose then you will lose your existing item, and not get anything back as compensation. This is a gamble, as you could lose your item or you could win and get a great upgrade.

The higher the multiplier you choose on the roll, the bigger upgrade you will receive on your items. You are assigned a level on WTFSkins, which is based on the games you have played on this CSGO gambling site. You can get promoted by playing more and participating in events that happen so look out for this and try to upgrade your ranking.

Why Choose WTFSkins?

This is a site that lets you play with what you already have and risk those. Yes, you may end up with nothing, but that is the gamble you take. Instead of having to buy skins and cases to upgrade your equipment, you can build on what you already have and try to upgrade that, which in many instances is easier.

If you are new to the site then the key is to try and build slowly. If you are going all-in to try and land a big win then you are going to have to be very lucky for this to come off. Rather than risking it all on one play, try to slowly build what you have and go for more realistic wins to get your confidence built up.

The WTFSkins Promo Code

Remember where we spoke about the level you are on and how you can improve it by participating on the WTFSkins website? This is where it will come in handy. Your level determines the amount of free credit you can get from the site. This could be anything up to over $140 for those who have a high rating, so try and build that as soon as you can, if you want bigger bonuses down the road.

You can head to the daily bonus page to claim gifts on the site, so don’t forget to go there as often as you can. There is no need to use a code to get rewards here, these are all attached to your account and the level you are on.

By playing more or adding cash and upgrades you will see your level rise. This is the key to unlocking a higher level of bonus.

Something else that will give you a bonus is the referral program that is in place at WTFSkins. This is what you need to tell all your friends about. If you refer them, they will get $0.4 free gems and then you will earn 0.5% of everything they play with and spend on the site. If you have a friend that will spend money on the site, giving them your referral code will allow them to get a deal at the start and will allow you to earn something while they are playing.