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WTFSkins is a name known by many in the CSGO gambling world. They offer a range of different CSGO gambling games for players, and their service is put on a very simple and easy to use platform. If you are thinking of visiting a CSGO gambling site to try and win skins and coins that can help you improve your CSGO experience then this review will look at what WTFSkins can offer you. 

Site Layout & Ease of Use

We love how simple the WTFSkins site is. They have created a very dark site, though players will be used to that from the game. Everything is laid out so you can easily move around, and every game is only ever one click away by using the menu at the top of the page, regardless of where you are on the site. 

You will see features such as the live chat and list of bets that are on the current game down both sides of the page, with a big section in the middle that is where the game itself will appear. There is nothing complex here, whether you are a complete beginner or you have years of experience behind you, this site is one you can use comfortably. 

Is WTFSkins Legit?

Yes, the WTFSkins is a legit CSGO gambling site. They offer secure and fair online gambling, two things that we rank highly when we are comparing the sites on offer, and without these, we would not recommend a site to you.

We want players to enjoy gambling and feeling safe allows you to do that, so if you want a legit CSGO gambling website then WTFSkins is one of them. 

Game Selection

Three games are available for you to play on the WTFSkins website. Whether this is good or not will depend on your gaming style and what you are looking for. The games available are jackpot, crash and roulette, three popular games and three that are also very different from each other. 

If you want one game and it is one of these, WTFSkins is for you, while those looking to try a small number of games can also play here and enjoy themselves. The only people who would struggle here is those looking for something specific that is not one of the three games, or those looking for a larger range to play. 

If you don’t want those then this simple and easy to use platform will give you what you need. 

Security & Fairness

We value security and the fairness of the games on offer as highly as anything else, and when you are looking for a new CSGO gambling site, we recommend that you do the same. Feeling secure on a site is a big positive, and knowing the games are fair will give you the ultimate trust in that site 

When you log on you should see a locked padlock symbol next to the page URL in your browser. This displays that the connection you have is secure, and enables you to transfer skins and funds in and out of your account without fear. 

Secondly, the fairness of the games is important to all players. These can be checked out by anyone, including you because WTFSkins use the provably fair method. This means if you have the game ID you can log on and see the outcome, checking it with what happened in the game. This transparency is important and a big positive of the WTFSkins service. 

Customer Support

The hope is that you play on the WTFSkins website without any issues, but if you do need help then the good news is that they have a customer support team to help out. 

If you need someone, you can create a ticket which is done on their website, and this sends the query to a member of the team who is working. When you send this off you will fill your email address in and this is where the response will be sent so keep an eye on this inbox. 


We like the overall service that WTFSkins have put together. They only have three games, but these are three of the most popular games on offer from any CSGO gambling site. 

The website they have put together is a strong one, but also very simple and easy to use, regardless of your experience. They offer fair gaming, a safe place to play, and a support team to help if it’s needed. 

If you are looking for a new CSGO gambling site, WTFSkins is one we recommend to players.

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