Rust Gambling Sites

Rust is becoming increasingly popular with players after release in 2018. The ability to play gambling games based on your Rust items is helping push the game forward even further and the future of both Rust gaming and Rust gambling looks extremely exciting. 

Best Rust Gambling Sites in 2020

What is Rust?

Rust is a huge multiplayer survival game that was released back in 2018. The aim of the game is very simple, to survive out in the wilderness for as long as possible. You do this by gathering items or stealing from other players. 

Alongside looking after your health and ensuring you have enough food and drink to last you also need to look out for bears and wolves who won’t miss an opportunity to take advantage of you. 

Loot boxes are available in-game, just like they are in CSGO, and these contain skins that can be used to enhance the weapons you have. These skins can be collected and gambled with, just like they can in CSGO and this has no doubt helped the game rise in popularity. 

Rust Gambling Games

The gambling sites that offer Rust games have put together a good range of games for players to try their luck on. This means you can either find your favourite and stick to one, or you can explore the different games available and move around to see which gives you a win. 


This is a very popular game on Rust gambling sites and also popular with other games such as CSGO. The game is very simple, players deposit skins into a pot and the person who is deemed to be the winner gets the pot. 

Your chances of winning at jackpot are reflected by the value of prizes you put in if you deposit large items you have more chance of winning the pot, while those depositing small amounts have less chance to win. 


Another hugely popular game on CSGO betting sites is crash. A game of crash sees a number rise from 1, ultimately though it will crash back down to zero. You have to cash out your bet to win, do it too late though and you are left with nothing. This is a great game of skill, cashing out at just the right time is about holding your nerve and striking. 


A two-player game based on the flip of a coin, incredibly simple and easy for newcomers to play. You are matched with another player and both deposit the same amount into the pot. A coin is flipped and the winner takes home the prizes from the pot. There is nothing else to this game, coinflip is that simple and a great place for new Rust gamblers to start. 


A simplified version of the roulette wheel is used here. Go red or black, or try and land a big win by choosing green, which is zero. There are 15 numbers on the wheel, 0 is green, with the other number split in half between red and black. Those betting on red or black are given 2x odds while green has odds of 14x. 

Gambling Wheel

The gambling wheel has different coloured sections, each of which have a multiplier attached to them based on the chances of the wheel landing on them. This wheel is the same as the Rust bandit camp gambling wheel in the game, so players will recognise it and feel comfortable using it. The great thing about this game is the variety of multipliers you can choose, so you can either go for a big win or try and build up several smaller wins. 


As the name suggests, this game is based on the roll of a dice. You set the parameters by choosing two numbers between 1 and 100, these set your odds. If the dice roll lands between your two numbers, you are a winner, if its outside you lose. This is another game that allows you to either go for big wins or smaller wins while playing. 

Finding a Good Site

There are a good range of Rust betting sites out there for players to choose from. It is expected that we will see even more in the future if the game continues to grow in the way it currently is. This may be completely new sites, or it could be others that already offer gambling on other games such as CSGO, and they decide to move into offering Rust gambling games to their players too. 

The first step when choosing a Rust gambling site is to ensure you are with one that is secure and fair. Gambling is ultimately a fun pastime, something you want to enjoy. You don’t want to spend any time worrying about your funds or wondering whether the games are fair. 

We recommend only those that have proven to be fair with customers and those that offer secure connections to keep players safe. 

The second thing to consider is what type of Rust gambling site you want. Do you want a simple site that just offers one or two games to players, to find your feet or because you only want to play on specific titles? Or do you choose a site that has a wide variety of games which will make it a little more complex to use but will give you the ability to move around the site and try your luck in many different ways? This is a choice that is personal to you, different players have different needs and you need to decide what is important to you. 

Many CSGO gambling sites accept Rust skins from players, and these sites have been established for many years. CSGO gambling is currently more popular than Rust gambling, though it may not always stay that way. 

A big advantage these sites have is if you play on both games. If you do that, you can find one platform for all your gambling needs to cover both titles, rather than two different gambling accounts. 

Use a Strategy

There is nothing too complicated about Rust gambling, so anyone can join in. In terms of actual strategies, these can help you along the way, especially as a new player, but much of the time your winning or losing will be based on luck. 

Get to Know the Games and Odds

One big tip to give new players is to understand the games you are going to play as well as the odds that are on offer. This will really help you decide what you want to play, and what you can win from each game. If you want to go and try to win a large amount for a small stake then you will know where to head, similarly if you want a safer game with low odds you will know where to find those. 

Build Confidence with Smaller Wins

The temptation for many new gamblers is to rush in and find the biggest odds they can to try and land a big win. This is the opposite of what you want to be doing, instead you should look to try and win smaller amounts and build your confidence. 

This way will not make you rich, but betting is a long game and the way to grow as a gambler is to improve your confidence and slowing increase your betting over time. A long losing streak will not help your gambling in the early stages, however, some small wins will show you that you can do it, and with a bit of finesse, you will be able to win regularly. 

Plan Ahead

Some games such as Rust Crash will require you to make on the spot decisions during a game round. This is not easy for experienced gamblers, and certainly not for those who are new. If you are going to play this type of game then plan and have pre-determined targets in your head. 

Use these and constantly think about the target you have rather than changing your mind depending on how the game is going. If you can formulate some kind of plan and execute it then you will be betting calmly, rather than being under pressure on these games. 

Use Bonus Codes and Promotions

Rust gambling sites will offer bonus codes and promotions from time to time. These are a great way to get a prize that will help you gamble. The promotions they run will vary but expect things such as free skins, coins and other items that can help you play. 

With competition between different Rust gambling sites, they have to do things to attract players and stand out. These bonuses do that for them, which is why you will see so many available. The right bonus will pay for a few rounds of games, and if you win on those you are winning without any risk. 

Rust Gambling Bonus Code

If you are looking for a Rust gambling site to join then one thing you do need to do is find a Rust promo code you can use. This will allow you to join up with a site and get a great welcome offer as a new player. This may be a skin, free coins or something else, but whatever it is will get you off to a good start. 

Many Rust gambling sites offer these codes to try and attract new players to their site so be sure to look out for them. The more players that are on a site, the bigger and better the platform is, which is why these offers are often really good to use.