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Hellcase is a popular CSGO site that offers case opening to those who sign up. Our review of Hellcase will look at every aspect of their service and work out what they have to offer to new players who join them and how they look compared to other available sites.

What is the Hellcase Website?

If you are a CSGO player that has yet to look elsewhere to see what you can do with the game online then you may never have heard of Hellcase. This site is a platform that allows you to take part in CSGO case opening, which is a fun part of the game.

There are many sites available that offer CSGO betting or other games that you can play such as case opening which is available here. These are an extension of the game and are being used by more users who are looking to enhance their playing of CSGO.

On Hellcase you can open cases and use the skins either on the game to make things better for you, or you can take the skins to other websites that allow you to gamble on them, and play with them here. Case battles also take place on this site, which offers a gambling aspect for players, here you can battle to try and win better cases.

How Does Work?

Hellcase is an easy website to understand, although it is fair to say that the site layout and fast-moving graphics that you see at first may look complicated to new players. After joining up, make sure you have linked your Steam account to Hellcase, this will allow you to use your current skins and also transfer over anything you win.

Site Design

This is a very fast site, one that has everything happening right in front of your eyes. It may look confusing at first, especially to those looking at their first site that offers more than just CSGO case opening, but you will get used to this.

The team behind this site deserve a ton of credit for what they have achieved. This is an extremely busy site, something is happening almost every second somewhere on it, and everything is handled with ease.

You will see the Hellcase logo on the site in the left corner of the homepage. Then across the top of the page, you will see numerous menu items that you can click to go into. These include the games you can use for case opening, which are CSGO and Dota2. It also includes case battling, wheel playing, giveaways and much more.

At the end of this menu, you will find your account details, this is where you can go if you want to look at things on your account, see what you have available, make a deposit and perform other tasks.

Right in the centre of the page, you will find a long list of cases that can be bought and opened immediately by players. There are several different cases in front of you, some of them have hints about what may be inside too, so look out for these if you want something specific.

There have been over 100 million cases opened on this site which shows just how popular it is. You can see the ticker towards the top of the page to check how many have been opened when you visit the site.

Quickly scrolling down the left-hand side of the page are the most recently opened cases on the site. Here you can see if anyone has hit the jackpot and done well with a case, this is worth looking at just so you can be pleased for other people and then hope you get the same kind of luck when opening your case.

Features of Hellcase

There is no doubt that skin gambling is fun. You will find many different tiers of cases on this site that you can buy on open. This is a form of gambling, and while it may not be the most profitable, the choice on offer when it comes to CSGO cases on this site is second to none.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is on Hellcase, from just a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars, they have something for everyone to open on the site.

A cool feature of Hellcase is trade up contacts. Here you can gamble skins to get an item that has either a lower value or if you are lucky, a higher value. This is a good way to get rid of those low-value skins that you don’t need, you may be able to turn these into something useful if you are lucky.

Hellcase Mobile Site

It is worth pointing out that the Hellcase site is available for players to use on mobile. This means you can log on anywhere you are any open a case, check out what is on offer, have a battle and much more.

Hellcase Promo Codes & Other Bonuses

When you join a new CSGO gambling or case opening site you should always look for a bonus to take advantage of as a new player. These are given out to reward you for joining, with many sites available, this is a way of getting business in.

Promo codes are used to gain a welcome bonus, look out for these on our site so that you can enter our code when you sign up to grab yourself a nice bonus. If you like social media then Hellcase may be able to give you even more.

They love those who dedicate their time to Hellcase and CSGO and often reward those players by having giveaways on their social media channels. This means they are certainly worth a follow and be sure to keep checking their page to see if anything is currently live.

Loyal players are in line to receive a daily bonus from the site too. This gives you the chance to top up your account without depositing money, and although the offers are usually small, every little helps.

Provably Fair Site

When it comes to CSGO case opening and betting, you need to make sure you are playing on a safe site. Do this and you can relax and have fun, if not you will be constantly worrying. Hellcase is provably fair, and they have been tested for this. You can trust this platform and play with the confidence that they are being fair with you.

Hellcase Customer Support Team

If you require assistance at any point while you are on the Hellcase website then you can get in touch with their customer support team. Simply create a live ticket and the support team will deal with what you need. Response times on the site are often quick, so you shouldn’t be waiting long.

Payment Methods

There are many payment methods available on the Hellcase website. These include Bitcoin, debit card payments, Skrill and UnionPay. These will allow you to deposit safely and hopefully using something you have used in the past so you feel confident.

Our Verdict of Hellcase

We really like Hellcase. The site has a great range of features that sets it apart from many other sites, and it is no surprise to see it being so popular with players.

They have some great cases and the odds of winning are very fair, you could find yourself picking up a great CSGO skin here. The site allows mobile play, which is becoming increasingly popular, that is a positive now and for the future.

They offer promo codes for new players too, which means you can get off to a great start and thanks to daily bonuses, that will be just the start of the bonuses you can claim from this site.