CSGO Empire Referral Codes for 2021

On this page, you can learn all about the different referral codes available for CSGOEmpire as well as how to use them to claim CSGO goodies such as free coins and free cases. So read on to find out about all the different methods there are to get and use the best referral codes and promo codes for CSGOEmpire.


New players signing up to CSGO Empire can claim $0.5 in free coins by using our exclusive promo code.

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$0.5 in Free Coins

Earn CSGOEmpire Free Coins With a Referral Code

Playing CSGO is even more exciting and fun when you know you are playing with free coins. It means that you have none of the risks, but still all the possibility of winning. It’s a win-win solution. One way of doing this is by referring a friend and getting a personal referral code. As soon as you refer your friends to the CSGOEmpire site and they play on the site, then you will be offered a CSGO Empire referral code. However, to claim the CSGOEmpire referral codes, your friends must be completely new to the site. If these friends have ever played on or used the site before then you won’t be eligible for the free coins referral codes. Also, make sure you do not share your referral code with anyone else as this could see you getting banned from the CSGOEmpire site.

Additionally, if you are signing up as a new customer yourself, then you can claim CSGOEmpire free coins by registering with a CSGOEmpire new customer promo code. So, whether you’re a new customer with a promo code, or you refer a new customer for a referral code, there are a number of ways to claim CSGOEmpire free coins!

Get a Free Case By Using CSGOEmpire Promo Codes

Getting free coins is all well and good, but that’s not all that is available to CS GO Empire players. New players can also claim a free case when entering the valid CSGO Empire free case code. This means that you can open a new CSGO case without having to deposit any of your own money or items. In this gift case, you can get free CSGO skins, which you can do with what you will. Not only can you withdraw the CSGO skins, but you could also exchange them for coins. Then, you can use these coins to play on other games such as CSGO coinflip or CSGO roulette games.

You could even use the coins on other esports such as Dota 2, RUST or League of Legends. One of the best ways to earn coins is by exchanging CSGO skins, especially if you get the CSGO skin from a free case!
However, there are other ways to get a free case other than just using a CS:GO Empire promo code. Players at CSGOEmpire.com can also get a free case every day by playing games on the CSGO website.

Climb the Levels for Better Daily Cases

It always pays to keep on playing because the more you play at the site, the higher your level will be. This means you will be able to access better daily free cases. You can rise up through the levels by earning CSGO XPs. Every time you play coins on the games, you earn XP points. Playing on CSGO roulette games earns players 100 XP while playing on CSGO coinflip will earn you 30 XP per coin. What’s more, if you add csgoempire.com to your Steam username can earn you an additional 10% bonus XP.

Other Regular CS:GO Empire Giveaways

CS:GO Empire also gives players some other very good giveaways regularly, where you can win even more valuable CSGO skins. Some CSGOEmpire referral code offers give players 500 entries to giveaway competitions, but this is just one way to enter. If you follow CSGOEmpire on Instagram or Twitter then you can earn an extra 100 entries for each. If you like the CSGOEmpire Facebook page, you can get another 100 free entries. Subscribing to the CSGO Empire emails can get you another 200 entries, and adding csgoempire.com to your Steam Account name is another way to earn 200 entries. What’s more, if you enter the CSGOEmpire site using your Steam account then you can get 100 entries. You can then win CSGO skins and other valuable items for free.
Here are some examples of what you can receive when opening free cases:

  • P250 | Sand Dune
  • P90
  • Prisma Ke
  • Gut Knife
  • AWP | Asiimov
  • Five-SeveN | Capillary
  • AWP | Dragon Lore (worth more than $1,400!)

CSGOEmpire – The Whole Experience

So, obviously one of the biggest selling points of CS GO is the number of promotions and offers. However, there are plenty of other excellent areas of the site. The website offers a number of CS:GO games, including match betting, coinflip and Crash, with the best being roulette. This is one of the CSGO gambling sites that offers a roulette game where its players need to pick between three different symbols. You can choose how much or how little you want to stake. No matter what you decide to bet, you could still walk away with a big win. Any profit you make on the game you can then use in the provider’s shop, where you can purchase a number of excellent and valuable CSGO skins.

Making Deposits at CSGO Empire

For players at CSGO Empire, there are a number of ways to deposit into your player account. Newer players can choose to make deposits and place bets with real money and even cryptocurrency. More experienced players can choose to deposit with skins. However, whether you choose to deposit with bitcoin, cash or CSGO skins you need to check that there are no fees attached to either deposits or withdrawals.
In order to make a deposit, simply click on the list icon at the top of the page. You will then be taken to the deposit area and you can make your choice of deposit. If you want to upload and deposit skins, then click on the ‘Deposit Skins’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

Safety and Security at the CSGOEmpire Site

Aside from referral code offers for free coins and free skins, one of the most important aspects of any CSGO gambling site is its safety and security. All gambling sites should be provably fair. As such, any gambling sites that are played should be regulated by the local Gambling Commission. CSGOEmpire has been found to be provably fair. It has been mathematically calculated that the gaming conditions are fair. This is clear from the number of customers it has. It has thousands of customers active all around the clock. Additionally, if there are any problems anywhere on the site, then you have quick access to the CSGO Empire customer support team via live chat or using the ticket system.

The Ease of Use and User Experience

Safety is important, but it also needs to offer its users excellent entertainment value. As such, there are a lot of things we look at to decide this. The design of the site is important. All the main areas of the website should be available on the homepage. We found CSGO Empire very easy to use. There was easy access to all games from the main menu and home page, making it easy for players to find the roulette, coinflip and crash and match betting. Users could also access the bonuses from the home page, as well as the market. Overall, there were a lot of things we really liked about the site. It had an easy to use deposit system and referral system. Users had access to an Open Case tab to claim free cases, as well as easy deposits using skins, real money and cryptocurrencies.

Verdict – Deposit, Use a Referral Code and Enjoy

If you love CSGO, then there is no doubt that CSGO Empire will be just the site for you. Particularly if you enjoy playing CSGO roulette, which is excellent. The sign up is easy, especially if you use one of the CSGO promo codes or bonuses which are available, so you can benefit from free coins and skins. However, the freebies keep on coming, especially if you introduce new friends and users to the site, as there are some very generous referral codes available. The site is provably fair, has plenty of deposit options, and provides excellent entertainment value, perfect for CSGO players old and new.


How can I activate and use a CSGO Referral code?

When you sign up to the site, you will have the option to refer friends that are new to the site. So, if you have friends interested in CSGO or esports, or you know CSGO players that haven’t tried out, then you can refer them to the site to get a special CSGOEmpire referral code. This could give you a free case or free coins. If the code offers you a Free case, then when you head over to the site, go to the ‘Free Case’ tab and enter your referral code.

What is CS:GO Empire?

CSGO is one of the most popular skin gambling sites to date. It was launched in 2016 and now has more than five million users.

How does CS:GO Empire work?

When you sign up to CSGOEmpire, your aim as a user is to try and double your coins and to get better and more valuable skins to add to your inventory. The site is basically designed for skin betting. Users can use a number of sites to make online bets at CSGO Empire.

Can Users Make Money Playing CSGO?

The main reason that people play CSGO is because it’s a fun game. However, it’s moved on from that now and you can bet on CSGO sites. You can play on games such as roulette, Crash and coinflip to win skins and items but also real money and cash. So, not only is the game fun, but you can also make money as well!

How can I get a free case at CSGO Empire?

You can get a free case every day at the CSGOEmpire site by clicking on the Free Daily Cases tab on the menu.