CSGO Jackpot Sites

There is no doubt that CSGO Jackpot games are appealing to many players. However, finding the best CSGO gambling site to play jackpot on is not easy. Luckily for you, our team of experts have put together the best they can find ready for you to take advantage of.

Best CSGO Jackpot Sites in 2020

How to Get Started with Your CSGO Jackpot Site

Finding your new CSGO jackpot site is made much easier by us. We have put the best ones together for you, and this starts with the CSGO promo codes that sites have. This gives you the best possible start, allowing you to use the bonus you receive to explore the site and see the games that are on offer, all without risking your CSGO skins and coins.

The sites we have put together for you are all safe places to play, and they only host fair games. This allows you to relax and play without worry, so you can enjoy things as much as possible. After choosing the jackpot site you want to play, one of the first tasks you need to complete is to link your Steam account using the authenticator.

This will then allow you to deposit any CSGO skins or VGO skins that you have and may want to play with. These can be traded in for coins, giving you those to gamble with or you can gamble with the skin itself.

The gambling that takes place on CSGO sites is similar to that in a casino, meaning there are more games on offer other than jackpots, look out for blackjack, roulette, coinflip, crash and more.

How to Play CSGO Jackpot Games

Jackpot games are named because they give you the chance to win a jackpot. This means staking a low amount and potentially coming out with a huge win.

You can deposit low-value CSGO skins or the VGO skins that you have and give yourself the chance to win big with them. Jackpot wins don’t come around too often of course, but when they do this is something you are going to love. When playing, simply choose the skins, money or coins you want to use for the bet and cross your fingers. The random number generator will decide who wins the pot of prizes.

If you use more items or money then you have a better chance of winning the jackpot as you are contributing more. This is one the best type of CSGO gambling available to players, and it is no surprise to see many playing it regularly.

When everyone who wants to play has loaded up their stake and clicks the bet button, the game will begin. If you deposit the most, that doesn’t mean you have the most chance of winning. This is determined by the value of what you have deposited. One high-value skin has more chance of giving you the win than three low-value skins.

You will be allocated a percentage chance of winning based on the value you add to the pot, and then a number is drawn at random based on those percentages to decide who is the winner.

What to Expect When Trying Your Luck on CSGO Jackpots?

There is a lot of risks involved when playing CSGO jackpots, but at the same time, you know the rewards are also very high. People like this type of gambling, low stakes and the potential for big returns.

Will you be the lucky player who deposits and bets with a skin worth $10 only to land the prize pot that is worth thousands of dollars? This has been done in the past, and will no doubt happen again in the future. By depositing more you have a larger chance to win, but that doesn’t mean you will always get the win, upsets do happen.

A similar game to CSGO jackpot is coinflip, although this is a game where the odds are more in your favour. This is a straight 50/50 chance of winning, based on the flip of a coin that is performed digitally. Again with this game, you will play with skins or coins, you can choose that. This is a way to play a game of chance that has better odds. This will mean more wins when you are playing, but that doesn’t always turn into more profit.

What do We Use to Pick the Best CSGO Jackpot Sites?

Part of the decision when you are choosing your new CSGO jackpot site will be down to personal preference and how you feel on each site. However, what we do is present you with the best out there, the ones that we are happy to recommend that players join. From this list, you are then able to see which one suits you and your gaming style the best.

To ensure you understand our thinking and how we work, here are the key factors that will decide how we rank sites and if we will recommend them.

CSGO Promo Codes & Offers

This is the logical place to start, the first thing you will be able to claim from your new site. You should always be looking for a site that offers you the chance to use a promo code or claim a welcome bonus when signing up.

This will allow you to take a look around, play games and get a feel for the site, all without spending too much of your own cash or using your own skins.

The Games on Offer

This covers two different aspects of the sites.

The first is the CSGO games they have. Some people like to move around and try new games, so we look for sites that have a strong collection. This includes things like roulette, blackjack, coinflip and many more.

The second is the actual games that you can play. We know you love CSGO, but do you like any other games? Many of the best sites offer multiple gaming options including Dota 2, PUBG and League of Legends. If you like these too, you can play for skins across different titles if you go with a site that has multiple games listed.

Banking and Payment Options

This is all about one thing, the ability to have freedom. The best sites will allow you to bet with coins, skins or use your skins to transfer into coins and use them. The whole process of depositing, whether this is currency or skins, should be simple and take seconds, as should taking any winnings out of your account.

Security and Fairness of Games

We want you to enjoy your time gaming, and to do that you have to feel safe. This means playing somewhere that is licensed and offers fair games for you to try your luck on. If you know this, and you trust the site then you can enjoy and relax, rather than worrying if things are above board or not.

Pot Limits & Low Rakes

This will depend on you and how much you gamble. Low rakes are key for inexperienced players because this means you don’t need to start with a lot of money or a lot of skins. New players generally don’t have that spare, so these sites are ideal for newcomers.

Pot limits on each site are a way to know if the site is happy for big staking players to join in. If the limits are not big enough for you, look elsewhere.