CSGOEmpire Referral Code

CSGOEmpire codes are a great way to get free cases and skins from them when you sign up with a new account. Betting with free coins is great, there is no better feeling than winning but when you win with free coins it always tastes just that little bit better.

One way which you can obtain free coins to use is by using a CSGOEmpire promo code. This code can be entered when you register on the site and is a way to get free coins to spend. You can use a CSGOEmpire referral code to get going on the site and then work your way forward from there.

Free CSGO Case with Your CSGOEmpire Code

When you register and get free coins from CSGOEmpire, alongside those coins you are eligible to receive something else. This is a free case opening, giving you the chance to win some goodies right at the start of your time with them.

You can get this gift for free without having to make a deposit, and it is one of the big advantages of using CSGOEmpire. Whatever skin is inside your free case is yours to keep, you can do whatever you want to with it, exchange it for coins or withdraw it to use on the game. If you are looking to get more free coins then exchanging the skin for coins will give you those.

If you like the idea of a free case to open then there are more of these available as you play games on the CSGOEmpire site. You get the chance to level up and increase your ranking on the site as you play, and you can also claim free skins. Each time you raise your level, the quality of the daily cases you receive will grow, giving you better items for free.

Whether it is roulette, coinflip or something else, every time you play you earn points and as these accumulate you will move up a level.

On top of this, the site often hosts giveaways for those who are looking for more ways to earn free wins on this site. Referring new players, following sites on social media and other tasks that you complete can all earn you entries into these prize draws so look out for them.

Placing Bets with Your Free Coins on CSGOEmpire

After signing up and receiving your free coins, it is time to bet with them. Here is a list of the games that you can use them on to get you started.


There is a great roulette game at CSGOEmpire that uses both terrorist, counter-terrorist and dice symbols instead of using regular numbers. This gives the game a different feel to normal roulette. You can bet on each section here, with both terrorist and counter-terrorist offering 2/1 payouts and the dice symbol paying you out at 14/1.


A simple CSGO gambling game that many players love. Coinflip CSGO is simply betting on which side of a coin will win from the coin toss. You place your wager, a second one joins and wagers on the other side of the coin with an equivalent amount. Whoever wins the coin toss takes all the prizes, minus a small bit of commission to the site. It is simple, but highly effective and a great game to play.

CSGO Match Betting

CSGOEmpire allows you to wager on different CSGO matches. The odds for these games are determined by the teams playing, but if you have good CSGO knowledge then you can use this to your advantage and back the teams you like to win.

The free coins that you obtain while using your CSGOEmpire promo code can be used on any of these games, allowing you to test them out before spending real cash or risking your skins if you have never played them before.

How to Get CSGOEmpire Coins

There are many ways in which you can obtain coins to use on the CSGOEmpire site and they are as follows.

Real Money Deposits

This can be via card, Skrill, Union Pay, Neteller or via Bitcoin. Many methods are accepted, and you can deposit real cash which is then transferred into coins for you to use on the site.

Skin Deposits

If you are a Steam player you can deposit CSGO skins and items from other games such as Dota2. These can then be changed into their value in coins, and you can use the coins on the site.

Transfer from Other Users

One unique feature on CSGOEmpire is that players can send and receive coins from each other. This means you can ask players you know to send coins for you to play with, and if they are happy to you will get them to wager.

Play Games

If you want to build up your site coins then playing the available games is one way of doing that. This is gambling, so winning is not guaranteed, but if you are lucky you can build your bank.

Refer a Friend to CSGOEmpire

You can get your own referral code for CSGOEmpire to use when asking your friends to join. When they use the site you will earn coins for that. This must be a new user, who hasn’t played on the site for three months when you refer them. It should be noted that no referral codes are to be shared in the chat rooms, if this is found then you will be banned from the site.

Benefits of Using CSGOEmpire Codes

Free coins are not the only benefit of using these codes, although for some they are the main reason for doing so. These codes give players the chance to try the site for free, without risking anything. If you are not familiar with sites like this, or the games on offer, you can try them without risk.

There is also the entertainment side of things. We all love to play CSGO and love everything surrounding the game. This is another way to get enjoyment from it, by playing games about it and trying to win new items to add to our inventory.