CSGO Case Opening Sites

CSGO case opening sites continue to grow in popularity. It is vital to find the best case opening site you can, and this is where we are here to help you. We look at the popular options out there that offer CSGO case opening and see what their service exactly provides new customers with.

Best CSGO Case Sites 2020

We have a team that are very experienced in this field, we have tested and used the very best CSGO sites out there and know what we are looking for.

How to Begin with a CSGO Case Opening Site

While choosing which site you are going with is a big, important decision to make, the actual process of starting your CSGO case opening is very simple, even newcomers will find this very easy to do. A good starting point here is the offers that each site has available. Does one stand out as being the biggest, or one that caters to your own specific needs more than the others? With a good bonus, you can start living out using less of your own money, which is always a good thing.

There are some CSGO case opening sites that will give you what is known as a no deposit CSGO bonus. This means you don’t need to put any of your own money into the account, but they will still give you a bonus. This is a completely free chance to win, perfect if you are unsure what is the right site for you, as you don’t lose anything personally if you don’t like the site.

You won’t find too many of these bonuses out there, the most popular bonus is what is known as a matched deposit bonus. This is where the CSGO case opening site will match what you deposit at the start. If this is 100%, they will match your deposit and give you the same, usually up to a fixed amount.

The Beginners Guide to Case Opening Sites

The process used by CSGO case opening sites is similar to that used on the game CSGO, or on the Steam Marketplace.

This ensures familiarity, you don’t need to learn anything else. If you are comfortable opening cases on the game, you can do it on a case site. When clicking to open the case a marker will start and the skin or knife you have won will be sent to and displayed in your Steam inventory.

In usual circumstances, you would be a key to unlock the case on the Steam Marketplace, but with a case opening site, you can open it straight away without a key. Each different type of case will have a variety of items in it which combine to create your loot.

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. The expensive cases out there have a bigger chance of giving you valuable items, while those that are cheaper have less chance of doing this. There is the chance of a surprise though, and cheaper cases can deliver big prices if you are lucky.

What are the Best Sites for Opening CSGO Cases?

The opening of cases has become a huge part of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in recent years. Players want to expand the game and have as much variety as possible, and case opening allows them to do this. The prices have also increased, with skins being sold and opened for four-figure sums, showing just how big the market is now.

Many CSGO gambling sites offer players the chance to open cases through their site, and they often offer more premium cases than you will on the game itself. There is also the chance to win rare skins here too, which you can either open or sell on for big money.

CSGO case sites offer better odds of getting a big item when you compare them to opening Valve cases. Therefore, people are moving onto case sites, in search of better value. Finding one you can trust is vitally important though, as there are some scams out there.

The sites we recommend are the top CSGO case sites, ones that have built a fanbase and proven to be trustworthy over time. CSGO skins are more important than ever before, and the increasing value of them makes this a big business. We can’t stress how important it is to find a safe and secure site to perform purchases on.

What are Valve Cases?

In terms of Valve cases, CSGO has followed a similar path to other popular games Dota and Team Fortress 2. They all have a skinning system that is very similar, and one that has proven to be very popular with players, so it makes sense to keep things working exactly as they are now.

The system allows players to play the game and gain items. Then they can open cases and find a skin for the guns they have discovered while playing the game and equip the gun with them. These rewards don’t give you any kind of game advantage, but despite that these cosmetic items have proved to be very popular with players.

However, the chances of pulling the item you want, or any item that reflected the $2.49 key price for a Valve skin was very slim. Players would be regularly buying these skins, only to pull something of low value and not any item they wanted. This was how case opening sites found their place on the market and why they continue to soar in popularity.

The CSGO case opening sites we have listed here offer a much better chance of winning good skins, and therefore they are proving to be a popular option for gamblers and casino players to use.

Why Use Third-Party Case Sites?

When players began to realise the slim odds of getting what they wanted from Valve skins, we saw a rise in the number of third-party case sites. These sites have grown to become what they are today, which is an integral part of the entire Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

CSGO case opening sites offer you a cost-effective way to open skins, with prices starting incredibly low for the cheaper cases that are on offer. These, of course, grow to hundreds of dollars, but if you have the budget then these more expensive cases give you a far better chance of winning something rare and what you want.

While Valve offers a fixed price, third party CSGO sites can give you a cheaper option, or a more expensive option, depending on your budget and what you are hoping to find.

What are the Odds of Getting a Good Skin?

Every time you open a case, you are taking a gamble, whether this is one through the Steam Marketplace or a third-party CSGO site. It is important to know how much of a gamble this is, and what the chances are of you receiving one of the top skins out there.

A test was completed where 125 CSGO cases were opened and the results can be found below. This should give you some kind of idea of what to expect from your cases moving forward.

Yellow Skin – 0.26% chance – Very rare

Pink Skin – 0.64% chance – Very rare

Purple Skin – 15.98% chance – Reasonable

Blue Skin – 79.92% – Very common

As you can see, the blue skin is by far the most common here, so you should expect that often when you are opening a case. A yellow and pink skin are both very rare, but if you spend more on the expensive cases then you will have more chance of landing these much sought-after items.