CSGO Coinflip Sites

There are many CSGO coinflip sites to choose from on the internet. This can confuse the situation a little for players, with a wide range of CSGO gambling sites all appealing for different reasons. We have looked at these, and using our expertise and knowledge of the industry, found you the best on offer.

Best CSGO Coin Flip Sites

The History of Coinflip

Coinflip is a very old game, one that has been around for many years. There are recorded that show coinflip goes back as far as ancient China, with players in that region betting on the flip of a coin. With such a strong heritage, and being a simple and easy game to understand, it is perhaps no surprise that this game remains hugely popular with gamblers, and that CSGO coinflip has added to that.

How to Choose a CSGO Coinflip Site

If you want to play CSGO coinflip then you first need to choose from the many CSGO betting sites that are out there. We have looked through them and tested their service, bringing the very best to you here. Fairness is important, especially with games like this one, so this is something we take very seriously, we want you to feel like you are playing in the right kind of environment.

Just like any type of CSGO betting site, when you have decided which one you want to play in, you will need to sign up with your personal details and link your Steam account to the site. Don’t forget while making your decision to look out for any CSGO promo codes or bonuses that you can take advantage of as a new player.

Many coinflip sites will offer their players some free coins to get started. This allows you to experiment and find your feet without spending your own money. After this, if you are happy with the site you can make a deposit to play for real, this can be skins you have, cryptocurrencies or cash via a debit card deposit or an e-wallet.

The best coinflip sites will offer much more than just coinflip. These will generally have CSGO case opening, slot games, roulette, blackjack and much more available for you to play on. This is great if you are a general gambler and wish to change around what you play, a site with a strong collection of games allows you to do that.

Features of the Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

When choosing which site you are going to play on, there are many different features you need to look out for. Some of these will be incredibly important, while others won’t matter so much. CSGO gambling is very personal, but here are some things to look out for when making your choice.

What Games are Available?

This is viewed in two different ways. The first is the different CSGO games you can play on. After experiencing coinflip you may want more, if that’s the case then lookout for CSGO gambling sites offering other games such as roulette, blackjack, slots and many more.

The second is gambling on other games away from CSGO. Other popular titles include Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG and more. If you like these games alongside CSGO then try to find a gambling site that offers you the ability to play on them all.

How to Transfer Funds and Skins

Anything to do with transferring of goods and funds, what you are looking for is flexibility. The best CSGO sites will offer you an easy method to send across your skins, while also allowing you to deposit funds via e-wallets, card payments or by a crypto wallet transfer.

You may feel like you don’t need all of these at the time of signup, but should you need them later then you know they are already there, so you can continue to use the same account.

CSGO Promo Codes

Everyone likes a freebie, and this applies to those gambling on CSGO betting sites. Look out for these, with a competitive market out there, the sites must do something to stand out from the crowd and attract business in. You can take advantage of these when you sign up.

Alongside this, you can look out for companies that regularly offer further bonuses to existing customers. This may be a social media giveaway, a promotion around a big event, something to celebrate the holiday season or just a random giveaway. What they all have in common is that you are getting something free, and a free chance to win from the site.

Legitimacy and Safety of the Site

This is something we take very seriously and hope that you do too. Go with the wrong site, and there could be big consequences. We want you to avoid that. From checking the safety of your details to the fairness of the games, every site you see recommended by us has gone through the same process and come out with great ratings. Whatever you play, our primary focus is that you are safe.

How to Play CSGO Coinflip

Anyone who has played coinflip before will be pleased to know that CSGO coinflip follows the same rules and principles. You gamble using coins or skins for the chance to win more of these. The odds are like any 50/50 game, such as red/black or odd/even on a roulette table.

Coinflip games put you against another player, so when you are ready to play, head into the lobby and find someone to go up against. You can gamble skins or coins, with both players putting something down of equal value.

The coin will be tossed and will land on one of the two symbols. If that is yours then you win what your opponent has wagered plus you get to keep what you wagered. Lose and you lose your wager. The game is that simple!

The chances of winning are 50%, as there are only two possible options and no weight to give either option a stronger chance of winning. This is what makes the game so popular with players, and what makes it easy and appealing for new players to join in with.