Best CSGO Minesweeper Sites 2021

Any fan of CSGO betting will know all about the game CSGO Minesweeper. On this page, we have all the information you need to know about CSGO Minesweeper, including all the very best CSGO Minesweeper sites, the best promo codes and bonus offers for CSGO Minesweeper and how you can play game CSGO Minesweeper for profits, with both real money and skins

Top CS:GO Minesweeper Sites 2021

Not every CSGO betting site offers its players CSGO mines. However, the very best out there will offer an excellent CSGO Mines game. Here is our list of the top three CSGO Minesweeper betting sites.


CSGO Empire is one of the very best CSGO betting sites out there for a number of reasons. This site offers CSGO gambling on not just an industry leading CSGO Minesweeper game, but also other top CSGO game options such as Roulette, Coinflip, as well as a CSGO casino including slots and jackpot and more. It is also a case opening site with plenty of banking methods including real money, cryptocurrencies and CSGO and VGO skins. There are also a number of referral codes, promo code and bonuses, including $0.5 in free coins when users sign up to the website.


CSGOFast is another excellent CSGO betting site with a fantastic CSGO Minesweepers game and more. This is a betting site that offers impressively fast withdrawals in real money and skins. Furthermore, the entire website is attractive well designed and highly responsive. It has a number of excellent games and offers its new users $0.5o in free coins on their first deposit on the website as well as other bonuses.


Farm Skins is known as a case opening site, giving its users access valuable items and giveaways on this skin gambling website. Then, players can use these skins to convert to coins and play on a variety of excellent CS GO games including CS:GO Minesweeper. On sign up, it offers new players bonus codes, referral codes, bonuses and a new account deposit bonus of $1.00 free to help players that are just getting started at the Farmskins website.

Getting Started on CS:GO Minesweeper Sites

If you have never played on Minesweeper sites before then firstly, you will need to choose which of the CS:GO gambling sites you want to play at. We would recommend using one of our recommended betting sites. It is a good idea to pick a betting site that will offer new customers a promo code or bonuses. This means you can benefit from free coins or more to start playing on the games. Simply enter the betting sites URL into your browser and click to open an account, entering your personal details and email address. Then, enter your promo code and claim your welcome offer. You can then choose whether to make a deposit with your coins, real money or a skin from your steam account.

When this is done, find your minesweeper CSGO game by using the navigation tool on the site. Then, simply select your bet amount and start clicking – avoiding the mines at all costs. The reason minesweeper is so popular on CS:GO sites withing the Counter-Strike community is because it is a way to mix skill with luck, making it a lot of fun!

How to Play CSGO Minesweeper

Many people of a certain age will remember the PC version of the Minesweeper. It was once a roaring success, and although the standard PC version isn’t played as much as it was, it is popular enough that Counter Strike Global Offensive gambling sites picked up on this computer game and created their own version.

The old PC Minesweeper version has a number of different game modes. Players could choose the easy version of the game all the way up to the expert game mode. For those unfamiliar with the game, the most difficult mode consisted of 24 x 30 squares, with a total of 667 hidden active mines possible. How many mines depended on how easy you made the game.

The idea of the game was that a player would click on a square and this would then have a number. This number would represent how many hidden mines are in the squares directly around that square. You then need to click on a square without detonating a hidden mine. Although Minesweeper is skills-based to some part, there are times when clicking on these squares will be a gamble as some squares it will be unclear as to whether there is a mine hidden underneath or not. That’s why it is an excellent addition to any CSGO gambling site.

As stated earlier, the Miseweeper game on PC could be very tough. However, Minesweeper CSGO style is actually a lot easier than the original version. The CSGO minesweeper game is played on a 5×5 grid, so 25 squares in total. Players can then decide whether to have 1, 3, 5 or 24 active hidden CSGO mines. On the original version of Minesweeper, it is a game of fun. However, this version is found on gamble site, which means the fun is found when you start betting skins or credits on the sites. Simply choose the skin or amount of coins you want to gamble with and then start clicking on the box or square of choice.

For every time you click on a safe square that has no mine underneath, then you will get rewarded a return on your original stake, so you will get the chance to win skins, coins or even real money on some minesweeper games. We suggest that is this is your first time on a minesweeper site, then you try playing with a low stake and just one active mine. Then work up and start playing for more real money!

CS:GO Minesweeper FAQs

Do all CS:GO Betting Sites Offer Minesweeper?

Although this is very popular in the CS:GO community, not all betting sites offer Minesweeper, but many now do. It isn’t yet as well covered as some other games such as roulette, coinflip or casino. However more sites offer the chance for players to bet their money on a mine. We recommend CSGO minesweeper sites such as CSGOEmpire, CSGOFast and FarmSkins as the best out there, offering new players a sign up code bonus to enjoy on playing the game.

Is CS:GO Minesweeper Safe?

Playing CS:GO Minesweeper is completely safe as long as you pick a safe betting site. We also recommend that you either use your own WiFi or data. If you are using the WiFi at an unsecured location, use VPN so that your data will be protected and safe from hackers.