CSGO Dice Sites 2021

Any CSGO player familiar with the casino will know all about the game CSGO Dice. CSGO Dice is a game that is based around the very popular casino game but with a CSGO twist. Here, we give you the most up to date details and information on the best CSGO Dice sites as well as how to get started, where to find CSGO dice promo code and bonus code offers as well as how to play the game to win coins, skins or even real money.

The Best CS:GO Dice Sites

There are a number of excellent CSGO betting sites, but not all of them are known for offering CSGO Dice. Here is a list of our top three best CSGO Dice sites.


CSGOEmpire is well known for its fantastic selection of games. It offers not only an excellent CSGO Crash game but also slot games, jackpot games, CSGO coinflip, CSGO Roulette and, of course, an excellent CSGO dice game. This is also a case opening website, meaning you can earn yourself lots of valuable skins to play with. This CSGO skins gambling website also offers a number of payment options for dice gambling including cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, real money, credit cards and of course, skins. There are also a number of referral code, promo code offers and bonus codes. Moreover, new players signing up can get a deposit bonus of $0.50 in free coins to enjoy on CSGO dice!


CSGO Roll is predominantly known for its CSGO Roulette and CSGO Crash games. However, this CSGO betting site also offers coinflip, dice games and more. It offers players a great selection of payment options including real money and skins, which can be exchanged for coins to play on CSGO dice. It is also a CSGO case opening site. There are a number of bonuses available to CSGORoll players, including a first deposit bonus 3 free cases.


CSGOPolygon prides itself on its CSGO Crash game. However, it also offers more than that, including a very good CSGO Dice game. It also offers other esports betting options as well. Players at CSGOPolygon can enjoy a variety of bonuses and giveaways. On sign up, players can get a generous 1000 free coins to spend gambling on this excellent CSGO dice site.

How to Get Started with CSGO Dice Gambling

First of all, you need to pick your preferred CSGO Dice site, preferably one that offers a decent bonus code and deposit bonus. You then need to link your steam account to the chosen site, which you can do by making our profile public and then linkin your trade URL. As soon as this is done, users can exchange skins in your steam account for coins or credits to spend on the site. The more valuable your skins, the more coins you will get. If you don’t have skins, then you can deposit with your own real money. Users can then use these coins to bet on the dice game.

Polayers then need to choose how many coins they wish to gamble. As soon as this is done, click on ‘Roll Dice’ and wait for the outcome. There will be options for you to choose however. Choosing a low outcome will mean picking a dice roll between 1 – 6. Picking a medium outcome will mean choosing a dice roll on the number seven. A high outcome means you will bet on the dice roll being between 8 to 12. Some dice CSGO sites will let you bet on doubles. The outcome you bet on will have different odds. For example, betting on a low outcome will give higher odds because the chances of a low number are lower.

How to Play CSGO Dice

If you’re familiar with the dice casino game, then you should be able to pick up CSGO dice quickly, as most things are very similar. Basically, the CSGO gamble sites allow their users to double their stake with a roll of the dice. The CSGO gambling site simply asks users to place a bet on the outcome of a roll of the dice. A simple matter of luck. As soon as users have placed bets, the dice are rolled and the winnings are rewarded, whether its in skins or real money. Remember, this is a casino game of luck, so the site providing this dice gambling service will always have the edge. If you win, you can win big. If you lose, you lose your whole stake.

What Makes Good CS:GO Dice Site?

The internet boasts a number of excellent CS:GO dice sites, but what makes one stand out above the rest. Well, here are some of the things we take into account.

The Quality of the Games

Obviously, we are obviously looking for a quality CSGO dice game, but many CSGO players want to open an account and bet on a site that offers more than dice. As such, we look for CSGO dice sites that offer a whole list of CSGO games, such as crash games, roulette and casino game options such as poker, slot games and jackpot games. Ideally, it will also offer other esports betting as well.

The Website User Experience

This is about more than just games. Good CSGO websites will start off by offering promo codes and bonus code offers, giving their users free coins to play on the game. Signing up should be quick and easy, simply signing in with your steam account, name and email address. The best CSGO sites should also offer a list of payment options and deposit methods, including using a skin from your account or real money. It should also make it easy to find the game you want, with a clear contents menu which can take you to whichever of the site’s pages or games that you want quickly and easily

Safety and Security

Putting personal information on the internet can be risky unless you know you are using a safe and secure. As such, any site we recommend will be provably fair and regulated to ensure it meets industry standards.

CSGO Dice Sites FAQs

Do All CSGO Gambling Sites offer CSGO Dice?

Not all CSGO gambling sites offer CSGO dice, however many now do. Read our list of the best CSGO dice sites to find out which ones are the best. Some of the best CSGO sites on the scene offer a whole host of other games including Crash, Coinflip, Roulette and other esports as well, to give players more variety to bet on.

Which are the Best CSGO Dice Sites?

There are a number of excellent CS:GO dice sites available. The best sites offer not just great games but also generous odds on their games, a variety of bonuses and bonus codes for free coins and cases as well as a good amount of payment options. The website should be easy to use and well designed and we also like it if it is also a case opening site. In our opinion, CSGO Empire, CSGO Polygon and CSGORoll are some of the best out there.

Is CSGO Dice Safe?

CSGO dice is perfectly safe as long as you are using a safe and secure site. So, we recommend CSGO sites that are regulated and provably fair. There will be some sites that are not to be trusted, so only go with tried and tested. Any site we recommend will be completely safe and trustworthy.