Best CSGO Coinflip Sites 2021

If you’re a fan of CSGO, then there are lots of great CSGO sites. However, not all of these are so great when it comes to CSGO Coinflip. Now, there are lots of CSGO coinflip sites all over the internet, with more popping up all the time, so finding the best Coinflip site out there isn’t easy. That’s why we are here. We will look at all the best CSGO Coinflip sites to help you choose the best one for you.

CSGO Empire Review CSGO Empire Review
5 / 5

$0.5 in Free Coins

CSGORoll Review CSGORoll Review
4.6 / 5

3 Cases FREE

CSGOLuck Review CSGOLuck Review
4.5 / 5

5x FREE Welcome Cases

CSGO Polygon Logo CSGO Polygon Logo
4.1 / 5

1000 Coins

Gamdom Logo CB Gamdom Logo CB
3.7 / 5

Free Coins

CSGO Fast Logo CSGO Fast Logo
3.4 / 5

$0.5 Free

CSGO 500 CSGO 500
3.2 / 5

500 Bux

The Top CSGO Coinflip Sites

There are all sorts of different areas we look at when looking at the best CSGO coinflip sites. Obviously, we look at the quality of the CSGO coinflip games, but in our reviews, we look at other areas as well. Obviously, the site needs to be fully regulated and provably fair. It also needs to have a diverse range of payment methods available, as well as good deposit bonuses, bonus codes, free credits and a variety of other games. We give you all the information you need to make the right choice. Based on these criteria, here is our list of top three CSGO coinflip websites:

CSGO Empire

The first thing we liked about the CSGOEmpire site was the variety of games available on the site. It was perfect for players of any level, from beginner to pro. The quality of the CSGO coinflip is excellent, but it also has a very high-quality CSGO Crash game. Additionally, it offers roulette, slot games, jackpot games and other esports betting opportunities. It is also a case opening site, so you can get even more value.

Another benefit of the site is that it offers players CSGO skin gambling and a variety of payment methods and withdrawals options such as cryptocurrency, credit cards and real money gambling. You can also benefit from bonuses and referral codes. What’s more, on sign up you have the chance to benefit from a deposit bonus of $0.5 coins free. Our rating? Excellent

The biggest selling point of CSGO Fast is the overall variety of games. CSGO Coinflip bets aside, this is a CSGO gambling site that also offers an excellent CSGO Crash game, as well as roulette, slots and more. Withdrawals at the website were excellent and very quick, and you can play with CSGO skins and cryptocurrency. This was also one of the most responsive websites we found as well, making it an overall excellent user experience. What’s more, you can claim a deposit bonus of $0.50 in free coins. Our Rating – Very Good.


Aside from CSGO coinflip, users of the CSGORoll website can also enjoy the exciting CSGO Crash game as well as roulette, CSGO jackpot games, blackjack and slots. Additionally, this is one of the best CSGO gambling sites and is a case opening site. Also, as a deposit bonus, users can benefit from 3 free cases. There are also excellent deposit options such as crypto currency options, skins, real money and more. Whether your level is beginner, intermediate or pro, this is an excellent choice. Our Rating – very good.

Other Top CSGO Sites

1. WTF Skins – Get a $0.5 free coins bonus on sign up
2. FarmSkins – Get $1 Free on sign up
3. CSGOPolygon – Get 500 free coins on sign up

How We Choose the Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

So, what exactly do we look at when deciding which are the best CSGO Coinflip websites? It needs to be a good all round site with an overall excellent user experience. Here’s a list of everything we look for:

  • Variety of Games – The CS:GO sites should offer users a bit of everything, from CSGO coin flip to crash games, roulette, blackjack, slots and more. Does it offer skin betting? Is it a case opening site?
  • Promotions and Bonus Offers – We like to see coin flip gamble sites that offer promotions and bonuses for players. This could include giveaway offers and promo codes such as free coins /credits offers, free cases or free CSGO skins for players to add to their inventory.
  • User Experience – This is where we look at the quality of the website. How quick and safe are the payments? How is the website laid out? Is the menu easy to use and can you find the games you want quickly? How straightforward is it to place your wager? Information on the site’s security features. Is the company licensed and regulated? What is customer support like? These are all very important when looking at the best CSGO Coin Flip site.
  • Deposit Options – We look at how you can make deposits into your CS:GO account – not just real money but skins, crypto currency etc.
  • How to Play the CSGO Coin Flip Game

Once you have found your chosen Coin Flip site, then players are required to gamble with their own VGO skins, CS:GO skins, keys or coins in order to beat the other players and win their items (remember, you need to be logged into your steam account to deposit skins). As the name

Coin Flip suggests, the chance of winning is 50/50.

When you are in the Coin Flip area of the site, you can challenge another member that is waiting in the site’s lobby – you will then face off against each other. Then, you pick which of your items or VGO skins that you are ready to gamble. A coin will be tossed and will land on one of the two symbols. The player that bets on that side of the coin wins. The winner of the coin flipping will not only get to keep the item they wagered, but they will win the amount or item their opponent has wagered.

The reason this is such a popular game is that not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also simple. You can bet with your skins, coins, whatever method you want, and have a 50/50 chance of beating your opponent and winning the game. CS:GO gamblers have a lot of choices when it comes to how they play, what they wager and how much they are prepared to risk on picking the 50% chance of picking the right side of coin flips.