Best CSGO Gambling Sites in 2020

Those looking for the best CS:GO gambling sites have come to the right place. Our ratings point you in the right direction when you are wanting to bet on CSGO and find the top CSGO betting sites, something that continues to grow in popularity.

Top CSGO Betting Sites Listed

There are millions of people tuning in throughout the world to CSGO betting sites and to watch people play CSGO. This ranges from amateurs at home streaming their favourite players through Twitch to those playing in big international tournaments against the best in the world.

With so much attention, this has brought many players to using CSGO gambling sites. The problem is – not all sites are good! Which is where we step in. At CSGOBettor, we’ve been in the gambling industry for more than 5 years and we know exactly what makes a good gambling site and which ones you should avoid.

Betting on CSGO is still new in comparison to many other events, so things are still improving, and new sites are coming along regularly. We will stay ahead of the latest news and improvements, and factor those in, from bookmakers to CS:GO skin betting sites, so you have everything you need to decide where to place your wager.

Our list of CSGO betting sites will cover all the main bases. This includes skin jackpots, crash betting, 1v1 arena combat, CSGO case opening, blackjack and roulette, fantasy team and match betting.

The main reason people take part in CS:GO betting is to have fun, but with a bit of knowledge and by finding the right gambling site, you can also make money from your picks.

What is CS:GO?

If you are unsure what CS:GO is then the full title of the game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s an online multiplayer game that began life back in 2012. Players go against each other in a variety of different gaming methods, and the rise of eSports as a competitive sport has seen CS:GO gain huge popularity.

You can play in deathmatches, bomb defusing matches, hostage rescues and more, all of which are exciting ways to play, and something you will see online regularly.

Just like in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the world of CS:GO gambling is hugely competitive. CSGO betting is something that has changed over the years with more sites becoming available, each trying to do everything they can to win your custom.

In the beginning, just a few CSGO betting sites existed, which allowed them to offer a service that was no better than average. Those betting had no choice but to accept it because it was that or nothing. Things couldn’t be much more different now.

With plenty of choice and no doubt more to come in the future, these sites have to look after their customers and give them a reason why they should bet there. This has really levelled the playing field, and those choosing to place CS:GO bets will get a good deal from most places.

Of course, not every CS:GO gambling site is good, some are still poor and the key is to avoid these. If they are not worth recommending, we simply won’t do that, and they will struggle to get exposure of their service.

How Do We Rate and Compare CSGO Betting Sites?

It is only fair that we allow you to understand how we rate the different CS:GO betting sites out there. We take this very seriously and ensure everything is to our satisfaction before recommending a site to you.

We have several different areas which we look at and rate when looking at the best CS:GO gambling sites, these then come together to give us our overall opinion of the site.

Betting Markets

On almost all CSGO gambling websites, you will see the different events that you can bet on, and inside you will see the individual games that are taking place and the number of different betting markets available.

Not everyone bets in the same way and many people use different markets when they bet themselves, so having a variety at gambling sites is key. The more different ways there are to bet, the more people are going to be happy and find a market they want to use on the site.

If you have a CS:GO betting site that offers a wide variety of markets then you are going to have a far better experience than one that offers only basic markets.

Games Covered

Even if you don’t bet on anything other than CS:GO right now, that may change in the future. An overall eSports bookmaker that covers many games is always the best way to go. Most CS:GO betting sites we list also provide games such as roulette, crash, blackjack and many other skin gambling games out there for you to try!

This means if you want to now or in the future, you will be able to bet on other games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends amongst other titles.

Just like when you are looking at betting markets, when it comes to the games covered, the more choice the better. You may not use them all, but the ability to bet on them all is there, so you have no limits on your betting.

Welcome Bonus for New Players

As we have mentioned, there is a strong number of CS:GO betting sites available to choose from. Every CSGO gambling site want you to pick them, and for this reason, they have to do something to stand out from the crowd. This is where CS:GO gambling sites will offer a welcome bonus as a reward of those who join them.

These welcome bonuses are usually free bets, special offers, money back codes or something else, but they all have one thing in common which is they give you a good deal when you join. Many CSGO bet sites offer free coins linked to your first deposit, so make sure you do that after signing up and then you can take advantage of the bonus right away.

With a great bonus on your side, you should find yourself with some kind of free coins or money back option, meaning you have a chance to win without risking anything.

Existing Customer Offers

These often go under the radar, with few people looking for them or even knowing they exist. After your welcome bonus, if you are with a top CSGO gambling site you will be able to take advantage of these.

They will give you a free bet either for achieving something, making a deposit, betting in a certain way or sometimes just randomly as a goodwill gesture.

An existing customer offer at CSGO gambling sites will nearly always be smaller than the welcome bonus you receive, but if you can find a betting site to give you these regularly then they will add up to a big amount throughout your time betting with them.

Deposits & Withdrawal Options

Like any type of money transfer on the internet, you want to complete this transaction safely. When it comes to using CSGO betting sites, you want to find one that gives you an easy way of sending money across to your account, and a method that you trust.

When it comes to making a withdrawal at a gambling site, look at the withdrawal times and see how long it takes to get your winnings back. This allows you to celebrate when you have won, without having to wait days.

With CSGO betting, there are many different variations when it comes to depositing at an online casino. Whether it’s using currency via a debit card to using cryptocurrency or CSGO skins. Whatever you do, make sure it’s done fairly and safely.

Fairness & Security

If you see a gambling site on our page then you know it has been independently checked to ensure it is not only fair for the play, but also secure. These are vital, you should enjoy your gaming and if you are worried about these issues then you will not be able to enjoy things.

Whether it is skins betting or real money currency you are using, things need to be above board and legal.

Licensed Bookmaker or Betting Skins?

You will notice on the site that we have both licensed bookmakers and CSGO betting websites available for you to choose from. This may be dependant on the country you are based, and whether gambling is allowed there.

Licensed bookmakers are regulated properly and offer a safer option to those who are betting online. In general, most skins betting websites have less security in place, and that is passed onto you as a player.

The skins betting sites we have on our site have been tested and have a good reputation, we believe they are safe, even if they don’t have the same level of encryption and security as a traditional bookmaker.

A New CSGO Betting Site or Established Site?

Just because a site has been around for many years and is a well-known name in the field doesn’t make it the best choice for you to play in. The new betting sites that are available and accepting CS:GO bets have to do something to compete, this often means a big service, competitive odds and large welcome bonuses.

The main key at CSGO skin gambling sites is to test each site on its merits. Don’t avoid a site because it is new, and don’t automatically think a site is strong because it is established and has been offering betting for many years. Each site is different, regardless of their age.

Sometimes bigger does not always mean better. Some of the big betting sites will have a huge name behind them and offer a great betting platform, but their eSports coverage, in particular CS:GO, may be very small.

Contrary to this, some of the smaller CSGO gambling websites may not have the amount of volume on there, and not have the big name behind them but may put a real focus on their eSports section. This could make any CSGO gambling sites one of the biggest and best around, and one that those who gamble need to be looking at.

Don’t always assume that big names will offer the biggest service, it is the size of the individual eSports and CS:GO sections that you need to concentrate on.

CSGO Gambling Promo Codes

Promo codes and referral codes are commonly used by CS:GO gambling sites. Look out for these as they can give you a boost at the start of your time betting with them. This could be free credits, free coins, free bets or something else, all of which give you the chance to win for free, without risking any of your own cash.

This is also a way to test out a website without spending too much of your own money or using your own CS:GO skin. For example, you can sign up to get a feel for the site, place your free bets and see if you win while working out whether the site is right for you.

How to Bet on CSGO

There will be many people out there who are looking at gambling sites CSGO for the very first time. You may find this a little daunting, but betting on CSGO is very much like any other type of gambling, and is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Whether you are betting with a traditional bookmaker or skins betting, there is one common thing at the heart of it all. This is your goal, to choose who will win the tournament or individual matchup you have chosen to bet on.

With traditional bookmakers, you don’t have to bet on the winner only, other markets will be available for you to use should you choose to although sticking to something simple is always advised for new gamblers. For those looking to bet on a different market, you have individual map winners, handicap betting and score betting to look at, all of which providing you with a slightly different way to place your bets.

The alternative markets require more in-depth knowledge for you to be successful. For example, if you are betting on different maps you can look into which teams and individuals are stronger on certain maps compared to others. This is how you find the value, and ultimately what will make you successful at CSGO gambling.

Skins betting may not quite have the same depth to the available markets, but what you will find here is a great range of products. For example, many of these offer slots, roulette, crash and blackjack for users to play alongside betting on CS:GO.

CS:GO gambling sites operate in the same way as a traditional bookmaker, but with skins instead of cash, and these skins can be exchanged for a variety of different prizes or simply cash should you be successful and win.

What Other eSports Can You Bet On?

Many eSports fans like more than just one game, so if you like CS:GO gambling, you may like others alongside that. When it comes to betting on eSports, many games are available, so you have a choice in front of you.

CS:GO gambling is by far the most popular, alongside DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Other games such as Fifa 20, Fortnite and PUBG are gaining popularity and some bookies have match betting options. Don’t be surprised to see these games take off in years to come.

Just like you will find with CS:GO, betting is strong on these other games too. Many events are covered and inside each game, you will find multiple ways in which you can bet with the best eSports bookmakers.

With the ability to bet before games begin, during play, on your mobile and in many other ways, the flexibility for eSports gamblers is excellent, and you can pretty much bet on what you want when you want.

The entire eSports category continues to grow, and every individual game will likely play its part in the overall service improving. Bookmakers are continuing to improve their service for those who wish to place a bet, with more events covered, better quality betting markets, bigger odds and even live streaming for some selected events.

If you are a big eSports fan and you are looking to start betting on your favourite events then now has never been a better time to join in. With such a strong service across many titles, bookmakers and skins betting sites can offer everything you need.