Best CSGO Gambling Sites 2021 🥇

Betting on your favorite CS:GO gambling games has never been easier than it is now, with so many CSGO gambling sites to choose from. Players even have the option to bet real money and CS:GO skin gambling to win skins whilst having a great selection of games to play, such as crash, CSGO roulette, coinflip, case opening and much more. All the sites we list are safe and provably fair, so you know you have the maximum chance of winning on the games you’re playing.

CSGO Empire Review CSGO Empire Review
5 / 5

$0.5 in Free Coins

CSGORoll Review CSGORoll Review
4.6 / 5

3 Cases FREE

CSGOLuck Review CSGOLuck Review
4.5 / 5

5x FREE Welcome Cases

Roobet Review Roobet Review
4.4 / 5

Free Coins

CSGO Polygon Logo CSGO Polygon Logo
4.1 / 5

1000 Coins

WTF Skins WTF Skins
3.9 / 5

$0.5 Free

Farmskins Farmskins
3.8 / 5

$1 Free

Gamdom Logo CB Gamdom Logo CB
3.7 / 5

Free Coins

CSGO Fast Logo CSGO Fast Logo
3.4 / 5

$0.5 Free

Hellcase Logo Hellcase Logo
3.4 / 5

$1 Free

Daddy Skins Logo Daddy Skins Logo
3.4 / 5

+ 5% Deposit Bonus

RollBit Logo RollBit Logo
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CSGO 500 CSGO 500
3.2 / 5

500 Bux

The Top CS:GO Gambling Sites 2021

There are now a whole host of CSGO betting sites to choose from, that offer a huge variety of betting options such as roulette, crash and jackpot games, but here is a list of our top three favourite CSGO gambling sites:


CS:GO Empire

CS:GO Empire offers players a CSGO roulette site and also a variety of slot machines to enjoy. This is CSGO gambling site where players can deposit real money, items or CS:GO skins in returns for coins. You can then use these coins to bet on the games. The CS:GO gambling site is well designed, offers a new sign up bonus offer and an excellent selection of games. Check out our CSGO Empire referral code today. 


CS:GO Polygon

At CS:GO Polygon, players can find all sorts of favourites, such as roulette, CS:GO crash betting, dice, casino games which means you can place bets on all your favourite games. The gambling site is sleek, stylish. There is a decent bonus , giving players 100 free coins. What’s more there are lots of deposit options including debit cards, e-wallets and even DOTA 2 items and CS:GO skins.


WTF Skins CSGO Site

This is another top CS:GO gambling site which offers debit card betting as well as items and CSGO skin gambling. It offers some of the best CSGO casino games as well as CSGO Crash and is also renowned as a very good CSGO roulette site. Additionally it is a Case Opening site, which is not the case with all CS:GO betting sites. There is also a good bonus on offer.

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How We Choose the Best CSGO Gambling Sites

Counter-Strike is a highly competitive game – as is CS:GO betting now. It is popular all over the globe, in the UK, the United States and other major esports markets. Here are factors we look at when picking the best CS:GO gambling sites:


we like to choose the betting sites that offers a wide range of esports markets. This means there will be more CSGO match betting options. It’s fine to bet on match winner, but the best CSGO betting sites will offer international games and tournaments as well as minute by minute markets.


Welcome Bonus

Everyone likes betting sites that offer a decent free coins welcome bonus or deposit bonus. This can get your CSGO betting experience off to a very good start. However, we also like to see betting sites that also offer other bonus offers and promotions for existing customers such as free skins for your inventory, match betting offers. Bonuses are often very important to customers. Players like to get free skins or free coins, whether its a daily free offer or just a reward for loyalty, bonuses can make a big difference to a punters overall satisfactions


Other areas we look at are:

A variety of payment options: Paying into your account should be quick and easy, with a number of options as well as fast withdrawals, whether you are playing for CSGO skins or real money. Options should include bank cards, CSGO skins, crypto currency payments, btc deposits and e-wallet options.


A variety of gambling options and game modes: Often, a CSGO skins betting site will offer plenty of gameplay options such as CSGO casino games, with options such as CSGO minesweeper, CSGO crash, CSGO coin flip, roulette, blackjack and even jackpot games as well as tournament matches.


Fair, Safe and Secure: This is a must, whether it’s a CSGO betting site of a sport betting site. All betting sites should be licensed the the local governing bod and follow the laws of that region, as well as offering SSL encryption to protect players.

Customer Support: As well as being provably fair, all gambling websites should offer a list of customer support options, such as phone, live chat, social media platforms and email to ensure that the gamblers experiences are comfortable, with someone always on hand to solve problems.


What is CS:GO?

CS GO stands for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is an online game that was launched back in 2012 which sees players face off aginst each other in game modes such as defuse the bomb, hostage rescue missions, death matches and bomb prevention.


How to Bet on CS:GO

The CSGO meeting market is growing rapidly. However, betting on CSGO is essentially no different from betting on a sport team. You bet on the outcome of a match. Your winnings will be paid to you based on the odds you were given. There are a number of different markets, betting on the overall winner or the winner of a map.
Variety is key and this is where you can find the best value odds. Other markets available include total maps played, round winners and handicap markets. Also, you can look at CSGO skins betting, which offers even more of a variety of matches and games to play.


If you opt for skins gambling, there is a better variety of products to pick from, including roulette, coinflip, casino games, video games, slots and more. This works very much like a betting site or casino, but instead of using money to fund your account, you use CSGO skins to cash in for coins.


Some of these sites also offer skin withdrawals as well as coins and cash.Some of the best CS GO betting sites are actually CS:GO Case Opening sites. As CS:GO Case Opening site allow players to open premium cases in order to win rare CSGO skins. Additionally, Case Opening sites often give players better odds in comparison to Valve CSGO cases.




Which CSGO Sites offer players a Signup bonus?


Most of the CSGO betting sites offer deposit bonuses, which often consists of bonus coins or free skins for your inventory. The type of bonus you get varies from site to site. Make sure you check all terms carefully and look for promo codes, bonus codes or possibly a referral code. The best sites will make the terms very clear. This could affect which the type of payments you make. Also check to see what you can use your bonuses on as some games, such as CSGO coinflip or may not be included.


Can you only bet on CSGO at CSGO betting sites?


Often you will find that you can make other esports bets at CSGO sites, such as DOTA 2. On most CSGO sites there will be lots of game mode options, including dice games, coinflip, jackpot games and more. The best CSGO sites will offer a variety of betting options to suit all players.


What is Crash Betting?


Crash betting involves players having to interpret graphs. It sounds complicated but is easy to learn. In the past, players could bet their VGO skins or CSGO skins on the crash, however, most now ask players to deposit their skins in return for coins. Crash betting allows you to cash out your bet, but if you don’t cashout before the graph crashes then you lose your bet. It sounds tricky, but once you know what you’re doing, it’s a fun way to play.